Mentorship and Lifeskills Programs


How we Impact the Community

Kibera Creative Arts strongly believes in education as a fruitful source of development and Arts as an inspiring vector!

During our various programs, we show the youth the importance of believing in themselves and their dreams.

MISSION I’M POSSIBLE is our mentorship program and an increasing culture reference in Kibera which aims to nourish, grow and enrich the soul and mind of our community via mentoring. The bottom line of the program is to show that if you believe in your true potential anything is possible. We focus on relatable and relevant themes and issues which engage our community in a rich discussion and self analysis. 

Furthermore, we collaborate with other organizations  who extend our mentorship impact and implement  Sexuality affectivity and life skills program  in various schools within and outside Kibera slums.

We bring artists, professional peer educators and celebrities, as well as skilled speakers to give aspirational, inspirational and motivational talks within our space so that anyone can discover their own road to happiness and fulfillment!

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