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Arts and Craft


Our Impact on the community

Through Arts and craft Program, we recognize that art well done can be a  livelihood. Our effort is geared to empowering the youth to sustain themselves and contribute to their families and community.

What We Offer

Artistic Workshops

From painting to pottery, our workshops cover a diverse range of artistic mediums. Led by experienced instructors from within the community and beyond, these workshops provide both technical guidance and creative inspiration.

Skill Development

Beyond the canvas, we offer opportunities for skill development in areas such as sewing, beadwork, and recycled art. These skills not only foster creativity but also serve as valuable tools for economic empowerment.

Community Engagement

We understand the importance of community support. Through collaborative projects and events, we actively engage with the local community, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in our shared cultural heritage.

Exhibition and Sales

We provide a platform for our talented artists to showcase their work through exhibitions and sales events. Whether vibrant paintings or intricately crafted piece of jewelry, every purchase directly supports the artists and our community initiatives.

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