About us

Our Story: Empowering Kibera through Art

At Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA), we’re driven by the guiding principle embodied in the Swahili proverb: “Sanaa ni kioo cha jamii,” meaning “Art is the reflection of the community.”

As a Community Based Organization, our mission is to empower Kibera through the transformative power of arts.

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Who We Are

KiCA is a dynamic force dedicated to breaking down barriers and unlocking the diverse artistic potentials within the Kibera community. Our vision is to create a vibrant, inclusive platform where every individual can express themselves freely through various art forms.

Kibera is about solidarity, strength, generosity, adaptability, beauty, perseverance and a lot of entrepreneurial innovation!
People use crafts, poetry, music, painting, dance, acting or comedy as ways to tell their stories. It is the collection of all these diverse talents of the people of our community that draws the fascinating, constantly moving, picture of Kibera.

What We Do

We’re committed to providing a solid artistic foundation for community members, ensuring they have the resources, support and opportunities needed to thrive creatively. Through our programs, workshops and initiatives, we aim to:

  1. Foster creativity and self-expression
  2. Build a sense of belonging and community pride
  3. Empower individuals to overcome challenges and seize opportunities
  4. Showcase the rich cultural heritage and talent within Kibera

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