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Empowering the community through Arts
"Sanaa ni Kioo Cha Jamii"

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Perfoming Arts

We create platforms for local talent to showcase their skills, whether it’s music, dance, theater, or spoken word. These performances not only entertain but also inspire and uplift our community.

Arts and Craft

At KICA, we encourage and support local artisans by providing spaces where they can hone their craft, receive positive criticism and showcase their skills. By doing so, we contribute to the vibrant artistic scene within our community

Mentorship and Lifeskills

Through our various programs, we empower Kibera’s youth to believe in themselves—to see that their dreams are within reach and that their determination can open doors they never thought possible.

Resource Projects

Our professional audiovisual recording studio in the heart of Kibera aims to offer attainable products to local artists. Through content production, we provide a platform for artists to express themselves, share their stories and collaborate with others.

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