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To create a Kibera community that is empowered through arts,
​both economically and socially.

We aim at providing the community with the services, facilities that will sustainably
​enable Kibera to benefit from a rich and lively artistic sector.

  • To dig deep into abilities of the community members and make their talents to be of benefit to themselves and the community.
  • To create platforms for artists in Kibera to access resources, education and general support, in order for them to explore and develop their artistic potential.
  • To use these platforms to give the artists the opportunity to showcase their talents, and make the community to appreciate the diversity of arts (e.g. dance, theatre, visual arts, comedy, music, graphic design).
  • Use arts as an alternative, positive and potentially lucrative, focus for youth, as opposed to crime and drug abuse.
  • To utilize arts as means to enhance community cohesion, to bring hope and to promote peace and solidarity in the community.
  • To promote culture and diversity by bringing together artists from Kibera and elsewhere, and use arts to change the negative perception of the world towards the slum.
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