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About me
I’m called Stivo Simple Boy. My people gave this name to me, because my music is so simple. Anyone can sing along.
Stivo Simple Boy is always happy and he loves people. And if you need help, he will help you. I really love children, mothers and fathers.
I grew up in Nyanza. From nursery up to class seven I studied there, before I came to Kibera with my family. I continued with class eight here, but I didn’t go to high school. I have four brothers and four sisters, we are seven in total. My family likes what I’m doing. That makes me happy.
Living in Kibera is very nice. Anything is cheap. A chapati for 10 shillings, you can afford that!
My life is good, but not good enough. I’m struggling to go somewhere where God wants me to be. Stivo Simple Boy is a Christian. I love God.

My music career
In 2006 was when I started singing. I was young at the time. Since them, I do hip hop songs. I write them and then I sing. In my songs, I just tell people the truth. This can be about drugs, about marriage, about crime, abortion, or many other things.
I remember that when I started singing, people didn’t like it. Slowly by slowly I continued, I always came back. After all, people liked it more and more.
I’m training a lot. Every day I’m training. With Kica, we meet daily and sing together.
Until now, I’ve performed on the Laini Saba grounds, Kamukunji, Embakasi and ElDoret. I’m a Kica member since last January, that’s how I got these platforms. Geoffrey and Simon, they knew me right from the beginning, when I was slowly growing in music.
As an artist, it’s very hard to get money and recognition. Second, it’s difficult to enter a radio or a music station. But I keep on going.
I’m happy when I see that people like my music. When I perform in a show, people clap. They have told me: “Go back to stage!”. This felt so good.
There is a famous artist from Tanzania called Professor J. I often listen to his music and it inspires me. Just like I do, he tells people the truth about their lives.
Geoffrey Oyoo and Phlexible are very important people in my life. And also Simon. They support my music to go so far. Not only in Kibera, but in the whole world. I’d like people to know that there is somebody called Stivo Simple Boy, and he’s from Kibera.

Future dreams
In future, I just want to continue singing, I want people to hear it, and I’d like it to have an impact. I hope I’ll soon complete my first album. Maybe I’ll be able to make a little money out of it. Also, I wish to have a very lovely wife.
If I could change something in Kibera, I would tell people to stop crime and drugs.
If my music grows, I would like to help poor people. Especially those who don’t have parents. I’d like to buy clothes and food for them, and bring them to school.
My biggest dream is to go to the USA and sing there.

My message to the community
Anything you do, put God first. Secondly, have respect. Thirdly, be unique.