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“Somesha” is a Swahili word meaning EDUCATE, therefore SOMESHA FUTURE is basically an invitation to take part in Educating the future souls of our community (children) in order to continue creating a transformed world through education and most importantly to give an opportunity to the less fortunate children from Kibera and other needy backgrounds in our communities.

This noble initiative is part of Kibera Creative Arts greater dream of empowering community through arts. As a community based organisation we believe one empowered person is one empowered family which leads to an empowered community. Using the resources available and our network, we have been able to give these children hope again as we support them through their basic education in primary and secondary school as well as college and universities.

In this initiative “Somesha Future” we look forward to well wishers to support a child and journey with them on their educational path as we all contribute to the upbringing of these great young men and women of our future. In an open and transparent approach, you can directly support the child and/or his/her family.