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About me
My name is Edward. They call me Dizze. Somebody gave me this name, because I do things slowly but surely. I was born and raised in Kibera. With my friends we used to go to many different places. There were so many adventures around!
I come from a humble background, with my sister and my nephew. My parents are very special to me. They used to care for me like nobody else could have done it. They used to make me so happy. Nobody can ever make you happy like they do. They are great examples for me, in their behaviour, in the way they care and in the way they interact with others.
My talent
I have a lot of talents, like playing football, drawing, rapping, acting… but let’s say my biggest talent is music, rap music. I usually write my own compositions and I use all my creativity to do so.
I discovered my talent at school, when I found myself rapping in front of other students. I was ten years old at the time. When the teacher was not around, I used to sing in the classroom to entertain the other students. They liked it a lot, so that was when I thought I should sing more.
A friend of mine introduced me to Kica in 2015. He told me it was about music and art, and I wanted to improve myself, so I came here. It has improved my art and changed my energy.
Nowadays, I rap with my friends. We have even recorded some songs. In one of them we collaborated with gospel artists. It’s called “The Light”. “Get the music” is another of our songs.
What inspires me
The surrounding inspires me. For example, I’ve got inspired by my mama’s love, and I put it into a song.
Artistically, let’s say it’s mostly RnB artists. Justin Timberlake, Katy Perri, Taylor Swift… Even if my music is very different, I get a kind of flavour from them.
Life as an artist
One of the biggest challenges is the surrounding. There are a lot of people not appreciating our talent. They’re only criticizing. So, it’s all about being strong, and being patient. Whenever you get something from your art, this is when they’ll appreciate you. So you prove them wrong. One of these moments was when I was first performing on a stage, in front of a big crowd in Kibera. It was awesome! I had a little stage fright, but I managed to do it. I just relied on my confidence, I was strong and I believed in myself. I had to do it. This is a really good memory.
In the future, I’d like my art to be expressive, and respected by everybody. Not everybody respects the art that someone is doing, but I’ll make sure I’ll get the respect. And not only to me, but to everyone around me.
My biggest dream is to be me. I want to me be me. I don’t want to be like someone else, I want to be me. And whenever I’ll get something, I want to share it with everyone in need. Because right now, even me, I’m a needy guy. So, whenever I’ll be there, I’ll face another needy guy at the ground and maybe improve his life.
I am myself, and I express this in my music. Everybody can do music, but nobody can do the music I do, because this is me.
My impact
I’d like to change someone. I can’t change everybody, but I’d like to change someone, and he can change another person then. That’s what I’d like to do through my music. If one day I’ll be successful, I’d like to work with another upcoming artist so that he can make it, too. And then he can do the same and help another artist from the ground. We’ll be lifting up each other.
I’d really like to improve other’s lives in terms of music. And also, I believe that I can earn something with it. With the income I’ll change several things: I want to make my home a home of music. Because music is everything. Music is a painkiller. And it has a lot of impact here in Kibera, in uniting people, in spreading a message and in creating awareness of something.
My message to the community
No one is perfect but you are the perfect creature in your own world.