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About me
My name is Rydon, but they call me Biggy. I was born and brought up in Laini Saba, Kibera. About my childhood I mostly remember my friends, especially my best friend Freddy that lived close to me. I went to primary school close to DC, which they have demolished by now. I also went to highschool. I grew up with two brothers, an older and a younger one.
I grew up just around the corner, so when Kica was launched I was there. I just had to come and see. Even though I started performing only this year. Since then I’ve been able to practice a lot with the group and improve myself.
My talent
My biggest talent is acting. My mom was an actor, even back then when I was little. My family, friends,… most of them are actors. So for sure there is something that flows in my blood!
I discovered my talent for acting when I was in 5th grade, when I performed in front of all the parents during a visiting day. It was a play about drugs, and I was the protagonist. This also helped me not to get in touch with drugs myself. Because the play showed: Look, if you use drugs, this is the result.
My best role is the policeman. I can do that really well. Also a drunk person, or a member of parliament. But I can do anything. There is no role where I would say: “No, I don’t want to do this.” As an actor, you have to go to any place and do anything.
What inspires me
There are many people that have inspired me. One person that has helped me a lot through all my life is my mom, from when I was little to where I am now. And of course also my friends. They have inspired me in a way that I would not get engaged with crime and drugs. Some of my friends are here in Kica. For example Vincent, he is also an actor. I look up to him.
Life as an artist
Challenges in the life of an artist… Some people don’t think that acting is the best thing to do. They don’t think it can be something that helps, so they make fun of you. Sometimes you work hard, but you are not appreciated. But there are also great moments. For example on stage. I have performed on stage, and people have given me money and cheered for me. They saw that I’m educated. I enjoy being on stage.
Back in the rural area where I went to school, I had to act about sexual behaviour. I liked it a lot.
My dream is to be among the best actors in the region, and in all Africa. To reach a higher level in my career as an actor I’m ready to sacrifice and to have a lot of discipline. I’m training hard, usually here with Kica. Currently we’re working on a great play. We’re going to perform it soon.
My impact
I mostly do educating acting. It’s important to create awareness about some things. For example doing crime, using drugs, or having sex when you are too young. I want people to learn something from my acting.
So many people engage with a bad sexual behaviour, crime and drugs here, especially the youth. My plan is to reach to a level where I can change the lives of many people. I’d love to help educate not only my own but also other communities. About life, and what life brings.
I feel that this has a big impact, in my life and in the life of others. It’s supposed to help people take a better path.
My message to the community
To all people and especially to the young: You should not engage with drugs, crime and bad sexual behaviour, but nurture your talent instead.