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Stephen Otieno famously known as Msanii or Stivo Simple Boy is one of the most adorable and influencial artists in Kibera Today. Growing up in the slum of Kibera is hard at times but stivo Simple Boy credits this upbringing for the nurturing of his talent. Born in 1990, Stivo Simple Boy is the second last born in a family of eight children and an elder to his twin sister. Simple boy has been around the music scene for as long as he can remember. From as early as 2007 Simple Boy could be seen singing on many street of Kibera. You would find him surrounded by a large crowd listening to him singing live acapella. He has music in his blood, and he is ever ready to perform whenever wherever. “ In 2015, we once found him at around 1am in the night at Laini Saba Kibera performing to his fellow night workmates“ , Philip Oyoo aka Phlexble, producer at Made In Kibera production. Stivo Simple Boy is that kind of artist who really careless when it comes to place or time to perform. He usually performs upon anyone’s request at any place at any time. This has made him very popular among the children, men, women and the youths all cross Kibera. Although relatively new to the mainstream music scene, Simple Boy has been on the big stage with shows such as MADE IN KIBERA Live CONCERT, UCHAGUZI BILA FUJO CONCERT , ART ATTACK FESTIVALS just to name a few. In the year 2016, he also participated in the Kibera Music Competition organized by Kibera Town Center. Simple Boy has been dubbed one of the emerging talents of 2019. 
Simple Boy has nurtured his rap talent by attending the daily rehearsals organized by KiCA ( Kibera Creative Arts ). He started recording in the year 2015 with the song “Ukimwi”. In 2017 he recorded one of his popular songs “MIHADARATI “with MADE IN KIBERA PRODUCTIONS who also made the music video for the same song. Some of his popular songs include “UKIMWI”, “NDOA” and “UFISADI”. One notable thing about Stivo Simple Boy is that all his songs are meant to bring a positive message to the society. For instance, the MIHADARATI song simply warns the youths from drug abuse,” UKIMWI” songs is a campaign song for HIV/ AIDS awareness. The songs”, “NDOA” and “UFISADI” speaks about marriage and stopping corruption respectively. Click this link and watch the music video for his “Mihadarati” song